The importance of creating a website

The website represents great importance and great benefit and it is the link between the receiver and many institutions, companies and departments through providing many services and facilities and save time and effort for many of the reviewers. As represented great importance in completing transactions and facilitating procedures and represents the knowledge and information of the recipient. Many web site owners are keen to take care of this aspect by choosing good technical designs and working to show the site in an easy and convenient way for the recipient. There are several factors that help the website to succeed. User Interface (UI) is an important aspect of success in addition to the choice of easy simple address away from the complexity and the selection of expressive images that highlight the image of the site and give a good mental impression of the recipient as well as the selection of attractive designs that give a kind of satisfaction, in addition to the need to move the site of multiple departures and the selection of size The quality of the font used on the site has a significant impact in attracting the recipient of the site.

The websites have become a significant leap forward in communication and add an important task to enhance technology in life. The sites also contributed to the activation of e-learning, which has become an urgent necessity for many scholars and researchers, and many sites are competing among themselves for the status of leadership and spread.

The following are some advantages of creating a website

1- Increase visitors to your website and get new customers.

2 – Increase the opportunity to sell for the best services and products.

3. Help you to advertise your brand and trust your customers.

4. Increase access to target customers interested in your domain.

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