What are the best programming languages in 2018?

In today’s world of technology in all aspects and different fields, you must also keep pace with this rapid development taking place in the world. Now, many jobs are becoming more and more connected to technical companies in many sectors. It would be an excellent job opportunity.

As we all know, programming languages ​​are one of the most important techniques that everyone should learn. It’s the machine language you can’t live without it today. Programming is now very important. Many companies have a shortage of developers and programmers. What programming language should I learn?

This question is puzzling for many people, but if you want the answer, you should do a simple search for the most important programming languages, and what is the most demanding job market?

Fortunately, there are many platforms that publish annual or monthly reports on the most important programming languages, and their development over time. In this post we will learn about the best the programming languages ​​in 2018 as shown in the following:


JavaScript is no longer just a programming language that works within browsers as it used to be, but we find it almost everywhere.

By learning and mastering this language, you can make integrated web applications with the Node.js technology that enabled us to run Javascript in our servers. You will also be able to deliver mobile applications efficiently with technologies such as Ionic and React Native. Desktop applications will not be too hard for you, because technologies such as Electron enable high-quality, cross-platform desktop applications, and ask Visual Studio Code, Slack and Atom if you do not believe me.

As well as it is developed rapidly, And therefore can not imagine all the possibilities that may be available in the future in addition to all of what we have said.

C# :

C# is somewhat old, its first release dates back to the beginning of the millennium but has seen many developments that have enabled it to remain in the field of intense competition in many areas. These domains include the Web where they benefit from being the language supported in the .NET environment. For Microsoft, C# also has a strong presence in smartphone applications thanks to the famed Xamarin platform.

Kotlin :

Compared to the languages ​​mentioned in this article, Kotlin is the newest, where appeared in 2011 by the well-known Jetbrains. But May 17 of last year can be considered the real birth day of Cotellen when it was announced at the Google I / O as the second language officially supported for the development of Android applications along with the Java programming language.

Since then, Coutlin has gained popularity and has been spoken by all interested in Android applications and has begun to make comparisons with Java. It is expected that the growth and spread of this language in the current year with the use of a growing number of developers to be adopted in their projects at the expense of Java, taking advantage of the high efficiency and speed in the achievement that characterizes.


In fact the PHP programming language can not be ignored in any list of programming languages. This language is widely popular and is the most widely used in the professional field, along with Javascript.

Content management software such as WordPress and Drupal, frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony are all built on PHP programming language. It is no secret to one of you the size of the possibilities and opportunities offered by these technologies in the global market.

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