New update of the Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is the most important tool when making a Keyword Research, whether for SEO or PPC. While there are other tools that provide data for search volumes, all the information comes from the Google API, so the way to have the most up-to-date values is to use your own platform.

Recently, Google has begun to introduce changes in Google Adwords and finally it has been the turn of the word planner. The changes have good parts, with information that had never before been available on the platform, but also a bad part as we will see below in the pros and cons of the new Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

=> Positive changes to the Google Keyword Planner

The first change we are going to find is the interface. The new design fits with the new look of the rest of the platform and the changes that are being introduced throughout the ecosystem, both in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Regarding the operation of the tool itself, we find very interesting changes, such as the new segmentation of search volumes by autonomous community or even city, which until now was not possible to perform, only by country

This new option is very successful considering the large number of local businesses that until now could only check the keyword volume by adding the name of the city to the search. For example, “SEO Agency in Madrid”.

However now, if we add as location the city of Madrid:

segmentation by city keyword planner by google

and we check the volume of “SEO Agency”, we can see the following:

keyword planner volumes

The volume of searches is 720, while if we did the search for Spain, we would see that the volume is 2,400 searches per month.

Another successful point of this new version and we can also appreciate in this image, is that now Google not only gives us a suggested bid, but gives us a range of low and high rank to be in the first positions of the page . Again, this information makes sense taking into account that depending on the Quality Score of the page we want to show in the ad, the price of the click will be more or less high, which is wise that the investment suggestion from Google is not limited to a single value.

On the other hand, if we add keywords to our plan, we will see that again Google’s information is a bit more transparent than it used to be, being more specific in the forecast of results that we can obtain at the campaign, ad group or keyword.

Finally, another of the most important improvements is the operation of the platform itself. It became very tedious to constantly experience loading errors.

We still need to wait to see how it behaves in the long term, but until now the sensations are pretty good.

=> Negative changes to the Google Keyword Planner

Undoubtedly, the main negative change and that mainly harms SEO, is that at the moment you can not get monthly volumes per keyword when exporting to Excel, that is, seasonality. It was very useful, in order to plan the strategy throughout the year, to carry out editorial calendars and in the part of PPC to make variations in bids and at keyword level depending on the fluctuation of the demand.

Now the platform only shows us the global seasonality of the words that are being shown as suggestions or keyword entered in the search engine, but not the individual detail of each keyword. We hope that, being a trial version, reconsider this change and end up introducing this functionality.

At the moment, we can change to the old version to continue obtaining the monthly volumes, but obviously this option will not last long, so it is possible that we will definitely lose this information.

go back to the old version of google’s keyword planner

We have contacted Google to ask them about it and we are waiting for a response. We will keep you informed in case there is an alternative to access this data and that your Keyword Research can be as complete as it used to be. Until then, it’s time to download all the keywords you may need in the future using the old version.

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