Content Marketing: how to choose the perfect theme

At present there is a lot of talk about content marketing, the most effective content types to attract users, how to develop a perfect strategy and much more. But what do we do when we run out of ideas to choose the subject of our article, video, charts, etc.?

This factor is considered our most important campaign for viral spread and the achievement of expected results, can be also considered, in addition, in many cases the most difficult task. But that does not happen only when we produce content for us, but also when we do blogging in order to get good backlinks. In both cases, we must pay attention to the content so that it acquires a certain power at the level of search engine optimization.

For this reason, it is important to choose a topic related to search engines, because it will make the blog article (or any other type of content) respond to users’ needs and interests, thus gaining traffic and site level benefits.

In this post, we offer you some suggestions for easily selecting related topics and creating effective and relevant content for search engines.


There are many tools that provide us with suggestions for creating effective content based on user searches. Here are some of our favorites:

Answer The Public

We have already talked about this magnificent free tool in the post about alternatives to the Keyword Planner of Adwords and how it can help us find mid and long tails but, in addition, and probably the most interesting feature of this tool, is that it allows us to know the questions that users ask the search engine related to a certain keyword.

Answer The Public is very useful especially when we are working with a very technical sector and about which we do not have a deep knowledge. Let’s take a very concrete example with the medical sector.

Looking for suggestions for the keyword “ophthalmology” we have found some interesting ideas that will help us generate valuable content for our users:

“Ophthalmology what cataracts are”: we could create a content (article, video, infographic, etc.) that talks about cataracts: how they manifest themselves, what are the most common treatments, etc.
“Why ophthalmologists expand the pupil”: you could create a content that directly answers the question or deepen the search and find new related topics. Searching the query directly on Google, we have found other suggestions for questions, such as: “What is a complete examination of the eyes with dilatation of the pupil?”.
We could also continue to search with Answer The Public for the related keywords we have found (such as “cataract”) to find new suggestions. It is also very useful to study the competitors for each subject: looking at the SERP, we will find out which are the contents that best respond to the search intentions of the users and we can also find out what they lack, to offer a deeper content and Best Quality.


Ubersuggest is another useful free tool to search for keyword suggestions and find search volumes, proficiency level and cost per click. It is a valid substitute for the Adwords Keyword Planner and is also excellent for finding new ideas for our content.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it shows us directly the search volumes of each keyword (the results are extrapolated from the same Keyword Planner), allowing us to see right away which are the most interesting queries.

For example, looking for “ophthalmology” we have found the keyword “astigmatism” (which has a search volume of 22,200) and some related ones that could be a good starting point to create interesting contents, such as “astigmatism in children” and ” hypermetropic astigmatism. ”

search engine optimization

This tool also allows us to filter the results and add negative keywords to our search, quickly visualizing the seasonality of the keyword sought:


Topic Research de Semrush

This new functionality of the famous tool is incredibly useful to analyze the contents of the competition and find ideas of interesting topics. From a keyword (we will always make the example of “ophthalmology”) the tool shows us a series of contents related and divided by themes / main keyword (we can also prioritize by volume of search, difficulty or efficiency of the topic):

By clicking on each of the “cards”, the tool will show us, in addition to the contents, some questions and other queries related search:

By clicking on “Ophthalmology Diseases” and looking at the contents that the tool provides us, we have taken other ideas for our content marketing in blogs:

What are the most frequent diseases of the eyes?
What is diabetic retinopathy?
What is keratoconus?
If we go to the “Mind Map” tab we can see the categories in the form of a mental map and, in the column on the right, we will obtain a summary of the best contents, questions and related searches.

Other techniques

In addition to these tools, we can use several techniques to choose attractive themes for our content.

Analyze the competition

We have already mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating it: an analysis of the competitors is fundamental to find out which are the contents that best satisfy the search intentions of our target and try to overcome them. Looking at the search results in Google for the relevant issues that we have already encountered will not only help us to raise our content in a more efficient way than competitors, but it will also make us find new ideas.

The tool also allows us to compare the backlinks that our domain receives with a maximum of 4 more domains and identify possible differences in quality links. In this way, in addition to studying the general strategy of links of competitors, we can find examples of guest posts that could lead to new ideas.


Newsjacking is a technique that takes advantage of a news event or news related to our sector to create a very effective content about our brand.

Some examples:

Festivities: Christmas, Easter, etc., or specific celebration dates such as Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Workers’ Day, etc.

Sports events and shows. Linked to the concept, and since it was very interesting, we will highlight the case of Oreo, who used this technique in its social media strategy, taking advantage of the blackout in the 2013 Super Bowl to create a great post on Twitter.

Changes in government, controversial political or economic actions, relevant news about famous people, etc.

 Search of relevant keywords

Once we have a good list of topics, we can make a mini keyword research to find out which are the keywords with the most searches and choose the ones that are best for us to work with.

To plan a long-term content marketing strategy, we can download the results of the Keyword Planner segmented by months and based on the seasonality of each keyword when choosing the most appropriate theme for each period. Using this method together with the newsjacking, we will always have a fresh and interesting content that can attract our target and make us reach the top of the SERP.

We hope this post has been very useful for you. Even so, there are many more techniques and tools that can be used. If you work with others other than those we have discussed to choose relevant topics for your content marketing campaigns, we would love you to share them with us. We await your comments!

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