How do you find the desired programmer for your project or company?

If you read this article now, you are one of those who live in the era of technological acceleration and software, where not a few days pass, and the world is surprised by the emergence of a new technology, whether service, social or recreational. But if you have not heard about technology before, perhaps the time machine has brought this article from the future to you !!

These days, we notice that many young people have become increasingly involved in IT faculties to specialize in computing, due to their passion for technology and software around them, perhaps because of their fascination with seeing one of their peers who has started writing a set of lines and symbols to display the text “Hello World ” in the middle of a web page or on a phone screen or maybe try to hack a particular site !!!

A few years ago, I did a number of interviews in several companies hoping to get a job in my field – software – a dream that every computer programming professional wants. During that period, I noticed that most of the questions that were addressed to me during the interview did not exceed the limits of the academic curriculum or basic programming standards that most computing professionals know, oblivious to a very basic subject, that software is a fast-paced, ruthless world that does not recognize metacomas and The programmer, if he can not catch up with technological progress, will expire within three to five years as a maximum !!!

Put yourself in the place of the head of the IT department of a company, who has been assigned the task of interviewing a number of enthusiastic young people to fill a programmed position in the company. Believe me you will have great difficulties to determine which one is the right person who will get this job !!!

Let me give you a set of tips that i have gained over the past 11 years as a software developer. These tips may help you reach the desired programmer.

The great programmer

Do not tire yourself by asking the programmer how to write a database link code, send a printer command, or save a PDF file. These problems can easily be found in Stackoverflow and other cloud computing communities. Try to focus your questions on the latest software solutions. The user-friendly programmer can choose the best solutions that will help you accomplish the work efficiently, less time and less complexity to facilitate the future development of the project.

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